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What Is Caregiver Burnout?


What Is Caregiver Burnout? When doing some research about senior topics and trends we came across something we very rarely talk about. We spend so much time talking about seniors that we never touched on the topic of caregivers. We are hearing a lot of buzz about caregivers and the care that they are [...]

What Is Caregiver Burnout?2019-06-17T21:07:35-05:00

Why DSCC needs volunteers!


Why DSCC Needs Volunteers DuPage Senior Citizens Council has a strong message and rich culture within DuPage County. We provide 4,700 seniors with services that are essential to their everyday lives. You may ask, how do they serve that many people? The answer is simple volunteers! Our volunteers make all aspects of our organization [...]

Why DSCC needs volunteers!2019-03-04T13:44:11-06:00

Four Ways a Well-Being Check Makes a Difference


Four Ways a Well-Being Check Makes a Difference When we tell people we are the Meals On Wheels Provider for DuPage County a lot of the time we get a response or comment that relates just to the food. Not very often do we get recognition for providing a service that allows a senior [...]

Four Ways a Well-Being Check Makes a Difference2018-06-29T16:19:21-05:00