Home Delivery Of Meals To Homebound Seniors


Many seniors who live alone find it difficult to shop and prepare their own meals. Oftentimes, they will miss a meal just because it is too difficult of a task to do everyday. That is where DSCC helps.

Our caterer prepares a wide variety of ready-to-eat, single serving meals and then our team of staff and volunteers pack and deliver them to the homebound seniors.

About The Home Delivered Meals

All of the meals that DSCC provides through the Meals on Wheels service are low salt and low cholesterol. We also provide vegetarian, diabetic and pureed meals. And for seniors with specific nutritional concerns, DSCC has a Registered Dietician available to make sure the meals we provide meet their needs. Every meal we prepare and deliver meet the 1/3 Dietary Reference Intake established by the U.S. Government for adults over 60 years old.

More Than Meals

The home delivered meals are just one part of our three-part Meals on Wheels service. In addition to the meals, every senior receives a Well-Being Check and an Emergency Follow-Up, if needed.

Beyond making sure our seniors are safe and cared for, these extra steps help us provide a much needed and welcomed human connection.

For many seniors who live alone, our home delivered meals and Well-Being Check is sometimes the only contact they receive in a day. This makes our visit much more than just a meal.

Sign Up For Home Delivered Meals (Meals On Wheels)

If you have a loved one who lives alone and want to find out more about starting Home Meal Delivery (Meals on Wheels), please visit our SIGN UP PAGE to contact our office.

How To Support The Home Delivered Meals (Meals On Wheels) Program

Even with our team of volunteers, each meal costs DSCC approximately $8.00 to deliver and serve a single meal to a senior. Our major funding sources cover approximately $4 per meal leaving DSCC to raise the additional funds necessary to cover the costs of the meals and delivery. Seniors and their families are asked to donate as much as they feel they can afford to help reduce the cost gap. However, because many cannot afford to contribute, DSCC has to make up the cost. You can also help us ensure that every senior who requests Home Delivered Meals and Well-Being Checks can receive one by donating to DSCC.

Your assistance helps keep our seniors fed and cared for.

“Thank God for Meals On Wheels. My food money is small and it helps out a lot. Hope meals on wheels continue for a long time.”

– Wally


When you give your time or resources to DSCC, it directly helps our seniors.

Your donation makes all the DSCC services possible. Get involved in the services we provide for seniors.