Why DSCC Needs Volunteers

DuPage Senior Citizens Council has a strong message and rich culture within DuPage County. We provide 4,700 seniors with services that are essential to their everyday lives. You may ask, how do they serve that many people? The answer is simple volunteers! Our volunteers make all aspects of our organization possible. All volunteers affect the lives of every senior we serve whether it be delivering meals or fundraising.

Yes having a massive volunteer base helps with funds and is not uncommon for a non-for-profit, but the need for volunteers goes further than just that. A volunteer’s upbeat attitude is remarkable and significantly changes the life of a senior. When a senior interacts with a volunteer, you can see their demeanor completely change.

Many of the seniors we serve are living in isolation. When a volunteer serves lunch or comes to the door, they are excited for that one moment of socialization. In some cases, this is the only person they may see during the day, making this meal mean so much more. The relationship between our volunteers and the people we serve are sacred.

Our Volunteers Can Save Lives Too

Our volunteers are trained to perform our signature Well-Being Check that has been known to save lives. Last month we had a volunteer recognized by the Glenside Fire Department in Glendale Heights for saving a senior’s life! Our volunteer had found the senior on their floor and called 911 immediately (as protocol for an Emergency Follow Up). He claimed he was just doing what he knew was right and helping a senior in need. Without the Well-Being Check who knows how long the senior would have been on the floor. Both the senior and DSCC are grateful he was there to ensure her safety.

When we hear a story about a volunteer having that great of an impact on a senior’s life that makes it clear that we need our volunteers! Not just to save money on staff or to do a couple of task around the office. We need our volunteers to be a part of our organization in order to ensure seniors can age in place. We would like to say thank you to all of our volunteers who make our mission possible!

If you are not a volunteer yet and would like to be, check out our volunteer page or give us a call at 630-620-0804.

Want More Information On Volunteering with DSCC?

If you have a desire to make a difference in the life of seniors, please check out our Volunteering page.


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