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We love our seniors. We love to spend time with them. But that love isn’t one-sided. We hear from our seniors and their families all the time of how important and welcomed our services are. But don’t take our word for it, here are some of the many testimonials we receive.

“We really appreciate what you are doing, thanks again.”
– Titmon and Theresa

“Thanks for your blessed, beautiful friendship.”
– John

“Your thoughtfulness means so much.”
– Dolores

“Here is my donation for June from someone who desperately needs the meals service…. thank you so much for everything you do.”
– Jacob

“I am on a fixed income and extra expenses are not easy.”
– Westmont Senior

“DSCC is more than a community partner. With their help we keep seniors happy and healthy. DSCC is our other half Without DSCC we wouldn’t be able to do what we do. We work as a team.”
– Debbie McKenzie
“Clients called to say his dad passed away. He also stated that he looked forward to seeing us every day and he really appreciated everything we did for him.”
– Nicole (volunteer speaking about a senior’s family)

“Thank you so much for the outstanding long steam roses that were given out at the senior center Tuesday. What a wonderful surprise. They have surely brightened our home on the long winter days. We appreciate everything DSCC does for us seniors.”
– Joan

“Thank you for the beautiful flowers for the perfect way you brightened the day.”
– Jean

“I love the DSCC Pet Program. I was so surprised with the bag of food and the beautiful cat toys. I really love the string toy. Thank you for being so nice. Love, Pixie.”
– Pixie and Marge

“Thank you for all the cat food we are blessed with your help. God Bless.”
– Christine

“Thank you for thinking of us, the gifts are precious.”
– Susan

“These valentines are absolutely precious. It’s nice to see someone cares.”
– Phyllis

“I thank each of you for your every effort on your delivery route. May God bless you for your grace and generosity.”
– Kathy

Marie is back on the Home Delivered Meals program. She says she loves her grandson but she does not enjoy his cooking. She said his food is too spicy. Marie is grateful for this program, and is now receiving two meals daily.”
– Cheryl (volunteer) speaking about a senior on her route who is grateful for the meals

“Thanks to all of the Meals on Wheels people who so graciously visit with me when I am lonely. So very gracious and kind of you! Thank you.”
– Norma

“Thanks for the balanced food! It is so good; not what I expected at all when you said it was from a catering company. Delicious and hot. I cannot afford meat and the other foods. I don’t cook (only microwave). Thank you all and God Bless. And by the way, the volunteers are so nice and good! Thank you for the lovely Valentines you sent with food! It really cheered me up.”
– Barb

“Dear Ladies and Gentleman my father is currently in hospice center and his prognostic is not good. He is only expected to live less than 2 weeks, so I want to thank you for all the wonderful things you and your delivery people have done for him over the years. God bless you all and may you all have a wonderful holiday season.”
– Diane

“To all my friends of Meals on Wheel Just a little note to thank all of you for your kindness and understanding to all of us at this time of our lives. I am very grateful I got your wonderful service and delicious meals. Also you should be very grateful to have “Terry” your driver he is always so very pleasant and always a smile on his face, that helps our lives. I don’t know how we would be able to manage without you all. Keep up the great job and just a little thanks for your giant blessing.”
– Jenny

“Gentle people, Denise and I thank you more than we can say for the hot and frozen meals, with all the accompany goodies. Delivered so dependably to our front door and by such a variety of friendly helpful people. We have adjusted our dining schedule to accommodate their so regular arrival. They are generally delicious (Denise eats my Brussel sprouts). We look forward to continuation of such a superlative service.”
– Denise and Phil

“My mom Elenor has passed away on March 15th at Central DuPage Hospital. She really enjoyed the meals you provided for her. She looked forward to them every day. You made my precious mother smile and there are not enough words to tell you how much we thank you for that. You are doing a great service to our seniors in need. I thank God for you! May God bless you always with love and prayers.”
– Marian

“Thank God for Meals On Wheels. My food money is small and it helps out a lot. I hope Meals On Wheels continues for a long time.”
– Wally

“Regarding your Community Dining Event, we give thanks to all of you and the effort that was given to make it work well. And it did! Loved the music, we were taken back in time, to remember when we were young! The food was great. Thanks again!”
– Dirk and Florence

Dear Staff, thank you ever so much for putting on the 1st annual Senior Citizens Dance. I enjoyed this marvelous event. I did not go home to an empty house; instead, I got out, met new people, had a very nice meal and got exercise. Thank you so much; I hope to attend more.
– Shelia

“The Meals on Wheels program with a ‘wellness visit’ component is essential to my ability to continue living comfortably in my home. My family member’s live north of there, 45-60 miles away. Many of them have helped me with visits, food, shopping, as often as possible. One devoted niece has volunteered to come to help me with whatever is needed on her weekly visits. The budget impasses have cut subsidy for M.O.W. I have extreme pain and swelling in my right leg making my knee buckle when weight bearing. MOW provides well balanced, tasty meals 5 days a week. For me to have this service while I use my energy to exercise, take care of myself and heal is essential. I am a retired person with a pension from the State of Illinois. I am grateful for this Community Service that is available to me.”
– Senior from Westmont

“It’s not that we are entitled to this program and service when we get older, but it’s necessary for all of us as we grow older and are not able to help ourselves as we had before. If all the people involved in regard to helping us continue Meals On Wheels are forgotten, there will be no one to take care of the people who are aging in the future. Remember, you will be old someday too and who will shop, cook and help you survive, especially if you are without family to help. Also we have to thank the wonderful people who deliver our food and check on us to make sure we are OK, and also take time to talk to us because at times we get lonesome. How many of these helpers had to call for help for missing people and sick people, if they did not come to answer their door. We didn’t want this aging to happen to us, but you all will be old someday too. They live now ‘happy’ because they do not have to worry about “will I be eating today”, “will someone check on me” and “is anyone going to talk to me”. We are happy to have someone watching over us and looking after us. If this program fails, I hope you will be able to eat when you want and sleep at night, because there are seniors out there who may not.”
– Jenny

“The people who make your deliveries are sure nice. We really appreciate the good service.”
– Bette

“I am struggling alone. It is great to go to a place, get a great meal, and learn about how to keep myself healthy.”
– Ana

“I really appreciate you helping and all of the great information provided.”
– Len

“This is to let you know that Mama Epstein and her very efficient crew did an excellent job for Yard Clean Ups!! There were more than enough kids and grownups to clean my huge double lot!! They were so friendly and willing to help me. They can come back anytime! Thank you for sending them!”
– Mrs. Lovie Kustak

“The people who helped me with the yard work were very nice and did a great job. I am alone; it’s hard for me. I’m trying to stay in my house, but it’s getting harder every year. Living on my social security alone is rough. My husband lost his pension years ago and he is gone now. This program helps me a lot. Thank you so much and God bless all the people who help us elderly people.”
– Beatrice

“The weather really played havoc on getting the work done. But they worked in the mist and pending darkness. It was great to see everyone working hard to get the job done. My yard looks great and I wouldn’t be able to do it myself.”
– Doris

“I wish Springfield would pass a budget to help us/those in need of various services provided by the State of Illinois.”
– Phil

“We would like to thank Ralph for coming out and helping us. Without his services we could have never gotten out sink fixed.”

“Other contractors take advantage of seniors. With DSCC that is not the case, they look after us.”
– Rebecca

“Because of DSCC we were able to stay in our home.”
– Edgar





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