When Local Businesses Get Involved, More Good Things Happen


We are both businesses in the DuPage Community. We serve the same people. In many cases, the seniors we serve are related to your customers, clients and business partners. So, doesn’t it makes sense that we are partners? Because of their size and resources, corporations and businesses have the unique ability to positively affect many more lives than the individual donor. Through our Corporate Giving Program, local businesses, corporations and organizations can become DSCC partners and make that difference.

So What Is In It For Your Company?

Your Giving Stays Local. While any giving to charities is a great thing, keeping your donation local to the people in your own community is even better. Knowing that every dollar your company gives to DSCC will be used to serve those right in town just feels good.

We Give Back

We know that your giving is limited. That is why we make sure to give back to your company in any way that we can as a gesture of gratitude.


We regularly send out communications to supporters, business partners, family, friends and to our seniors keeping them up to date on news, events and services. By being a DSCC corporate partner, we make sure that everyone we know knows that you support us. We ask our supporters to support you back, with your permission, of course.

Getting Involved

If your company or organization regularly gives to local charities and organizations, we’d love to be one of your non-profit partners. We will help your company set up a regular giving schedule that works for your organization to help DSCC budget and plan for current and future services. Please let us know how to connect with your company so we can develop a beautiful relationship.

Your company or business can also sign up to be a part of the Company-Match program where you can match the individual donations that your employees give to help double the support. Contact us to get started on the Corporate Match program.