Working Together To Serve Homebound Seniors


You may have heard about Meals On Wheels but you may not know the difference between Meals On Wheels and DuPage Senior Citizen’s Council. While both organizations are committed to meeting the nutritional needs of seniors living in our communities, there are differences between our two organizations.

Who Is Meals On Wheels America (MOWA)

Meals on Wheels started in 1954 in Philadelphia when a small group of citizen delivered the first meal to seniors in need. They have been delivering meals ever since. Today, Meals on Wheels America helps over 2.4 MILLION seniors each year with home-delivered meals and other support services.

Today, MOWA primarily helps provide funding, leadership, education, research and support through advocacy to over 5,000 community-based programs across the country, like DSCC. These local programs deliver meals and address the serious issues that seniors face – like isolation and hunger.

Together with MOWA, there are over 2 MILLION staff and volunteers who deliver meals and make sure that seniors can live empowered and independent lives.

What Is The Difference Between DSCC and MOWA?

While serving the nutritional needs of seniors is a common link, there are differences between DSCC and MOWA. Here are a few:

MOWA – Meals On Wheels America

  • National focused
  • Focuses on the larger problem of senior hunger
  • More involved in political action and awareness about senior hunger

DSCC – DuPage Senior Citizens Council

  • Focused on seniors in local communities
  • Local program member for Meal On Wheels (official partner)
  • Delivers meals directly to seniors
  • Provides additional services to seniors such as yard clean-ups, minor home repairs, community dining and pet care and food assistance

Ways You Can Partner With MOW and DSCC

Because DSCC and MOW are partners committed to ending senior hunger, there are ways where you can help both organizations. Here are a few ways:


Please note that MOW is the National Organization and donations to MOW and purchases made at MOW partners will benefit the national organization and will not directly benefit the seniors in DuPage county.

  • Advocate for Seniors – click here to connect with your local government representatives to help protect the programs that support our seniors.
  • Make a purchase at a MOW partner. In many cases, when you support a Meals On Wheels partner, a portion of your purchase can go towards MOW to fund their work to protect seniors.


  • VOLUNTEER to deliver meals to seniors right here in our community
  • DONATE to DSCC. Your support will go directly to help fund the programs and services that our seniors rely on in order to live independently
  • FOLLOW our FACEBOOK, TWITTER and INSTAGRAM pages and SHARE our content
  • SIGN-UP to our newsletter / email so you can learn more about the issues that our seniors face and solutions we are providing to take care of them.

Looking To Sign Up For Home Delivered Meals?

If you would like to sign up for you or someone you love to receive home delivered meals, click below.

“Thank God for Meals On Wheels. My food money is small and it helps out a lot. Hope meals on wheels continue for a long time.”

– Wally


When you give your time or resources to DSCC, it directly helps our seniors.

Your donation makes all the DSCC services possible. Get involved in the services we provide for seniors.