5 Tech Great Tech Gifts For Seniors

We are coming close to Christmas Day which means we are wrapping up Christmas shopping and also wrapping up those Christmas presents.

But some of us may not have all of our shopping done and still need to check some loved ones off our shopping list. When we give a gift, we tend to want something that impresses someone or would be something they would never buy themselves – and for an older adult, that something may involve technology.

As we discussed in last week’s blog that may not be the best idea. Technology can be overwhelming and lead to an unwanted gift. There is nothing worse than buying a gift and then finding out the person didn’t like it, use it or – even worse – hated it!

However, if you are thinking of buying an older adult a tech gift, take these five items into consideration:

GrandPad – Retail $200.00 – https://www.grandpad.net 

This product has gotten a lot of attention lately! GrandPad is one of the first companies to make older, adult-friendly technology and is constantly coming up with great products to keep older adults connected. These tablets are simple and user-friendly, making it less complex than other tablets. GrandPad is designed with older adults in mind and is easy to grip. Tablets start at $200.00 and require a monthly subscription.

Fitbit Charge 3 – Retail $129.00 https://www.fitbit.com/charge3

A product that is loved by all generations and started the fitness tracker craze. Fitbit Charge 3 is perfect for an older adult who is still active! The Fitbit Charge 3 is the latest in the Charge series and has recently been released. The Charge battery lasts for 7 days and is waterproof. It is also the least complex of all the Fitbits. There are some downsides on this Fitbit, however, including a smaller screen and the font may not be big enough.

This gift is a great idea for Baby Boomers who still enjoy exercising and like exercise gadgets.

Tile – Retail $65.00 https://www.thetileapp.com/en-us/

We all misplace items every day! But when you find yourself having more and more senior moments, Tile is there for you. These slender white or black squares slide perfectly into a wallet or can be clipped to keys. You can click a Tile to find your device or you can use your phone to track it. The item also is a safeguard against theft.

Jitterbug Smart2 – Retail $112.49 on GreatCall 

The Jitterbug Smart2 is a great smartphone for an older adult who doesn’t want the bells and whistles of a Samsung, Apple or Google phone. The phone has a simplified menu and an easy to see 5.5-inch screen. This phone also offers voice typing that makes texting easier. A great feature of this phone is the 5Star Urgent Response button on the home screen. In case of an emergency a senior can push the button to contact 911. The phone is available on major carriers such as Verizon Wireless or AT&T and does not require a contract.

Lively Wearable – Retail $49.99 a month + $14.99 a month membership – Great Call

If the Fitbit Charge 3 was too advanced for your liking, then maybe a Lively Wearable is what you are looking for.

Lively Wearable still tracks steps and has fun daily challenges but also detects falls and alerts family members if you have fallen. In the case of a fall, Lively Wearable will send a 5Star Urgent Response Alert. The watch does not stop there. It will also send an alert to a family member or loved one’s phone, alerting them of the fall. Other perks of this device is it is waterproof, no charging required and works with Apple and Android devices.

Many of these items can be found on Amazon, so there is still time to get them as gifts!

If you are using Amazon, this year make sure to use Amazon Smile. When you use Amazon Smile, simply TYPE DuPage Senior Citizens Council in the charity selection box and a portion of the purchase will go directly to DuPage Senior Citizens Council and help provide services to everyone we serve.


Happy shopping!

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