Rethinking Tech Gifts For Seniors

Christmas is right around the corner and everyone is rushing to get that perfect gift! When thinking of getting a gift for an older adult, I am sure your mind went right to that latest holiday tech commercial where a grandparent gets a tech savvy gift and stays connected with their distant family. Every year, seniors get tablets, smartphones and other wonderful tech gifts with the good intentions of being used. But more times than many, these gifts go unused because many older adults are overwhelmed by technology they do not know how to use. The gift either gets disregarded or broken due to misuse.

If you are going to purchase a tech gift for an older adult who is not familiar with technology, take into consideration the following:

  • User Operating System
  • Large screen and device that offers large print
  • Higher than usual volume
  • Accurate voice command

An older adult may surprise you and request the most current tech gift this year. If they do, suggest they taking a class at a local library, community center or community college to teach them how to use their super cool, new gift. These tips can be useful and make the gift even more enjoyable. Given time, they will know how to use it better than your millennial niece or your Gen Z nephew.

Stay tuned next week when we discuss what tech gifts are the must-have for older adults this holiday season!

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