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If you have not heard, yet the senior population will be increasing dramatically over the upcoming years. Over 40 million Americans are over the age of 65 and about 11.3 million of those older adults live alone! Living alone can be especially hard for seniors who are homebound and isolated. Being isolated can lead to serious health issues such as depression, anxiety and a weaker immune system.

When we deliver our meals, we do notice more seniors are having pets. When we asked what encouraged them to get a pet they stated, “I needed someone to talk to” or “It helps me feel less lonely”.  As an organization, we also noticed that part of their meal was being fed to their pets. This raised a red flag, not only was the seniors not getting enough food but neither was “Fluffy” or “Fido”.

We asked ourselves what we could do to make sure both a senior and their pet were receiving enough food. The answer to that question was our Pet Care & Food Assistance Service. We envisioned a service that is donation based and would provide enough food for their pets. Our overall mission is to see seniors age in place which, in some circumstances, means serving their pet also. The last thing that we wanted to see is a heartbroken senior who had to surrender their pet because they could not feed them.

Over time, the Pet Care & Food Assistance Service started to grow! More and more seniors loved the service and were excited to see the volunteers come to the door with food, treats and toys. In addition, who does not love being greeted at the door by a wiggling butt and wagging tongue? Not only did the senior love it but our volunteers loved it too! The service does more than just provide a meal to a senior and bag of dog food to a pet. Seniors and volunteers started to bond over the love of their furry friend. Their pet almost became an ice break or conversation starter!

Our Pet Care & Food Assistance Service has now become one of our most beloved services. The service ensures that a senior and their pet will have enough food. It also means that there is someone there to take the time to admire their pooch or cat as much as they do and stop for a minute to talk which can make them feel less alone and isolated. Overall, we are glad that we can let our seniors know they can age in place with their best friend right by their side.

Want More Information On Our Pet Care and Food Assistance Service?

If you have a loved one who lives alone with their pet, check out our Pet Care and Food Assistance service. Signing up for this service might be the perfect way to honor your loved one and their pet.


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