The Power Of Vanilla Ice Cream

Looking for a way to help serve our older adult community?

Maybe give a little time and love?

There are opportunities every day, not just around the holidays so let’s make it happen!

Here at DSCC one of our interactive services is our Friendly Visit & Assistance program where our volunteers get the opportunity to regularly visit one on one with lonely and isolated seniors. We provide this service free of charge because we believe in the profound impact of human connection which enhances the quality of life for all— the senior and the volunteer. Giving back brings value to our lives and building a relationship with an isolated senior can provide both parties with a sense of belonging, can help maintain their sense of purpose, a therapeutic support system, mental stimulation, and reason not to feel lonely. It’s the interactive exchange that makes all the difference, one senior at a time. Just think how many valuable stories, lessons and experiences your new elder can share with you… maybe teach you a few jitterbug moves or the perfect apple pie recipe?!!

The Story Of Vanilla Ice Cream

The gift of connection was never more evident than in the case of our DSCC senior Joan. She lives independently, has no existing family, doesn’t drive, has no visitors, and to top it off– hadn’t had vanilla ice cream in years. When Joan called into DSCC one day to talk about her Meals on Wheels lunch plan she mentioned that it would be a “dream” of hers to eat vanilla ice cream. Let’s just say, Joan was quickly matched with a volunteer, his wife and his child (which is an option for seniors who are comfortable with an entire family). Since Joan’s winning collaboration, she has developed an encouraging friendship, celebrated three holidays, received a birthday cake (with vanilla ice cream of course!) and most importantly she looks forward to her healthy, quality time with her new family. When Joan calls in to DSCC now, her spirits are lifted, she quickly tries to fit in every last detail on how much fun she is having and cherishes every second she has with her new friends. Not to mention, her volunteers are excited to make memories with their friend Joan and look forward to adding a bit of sunshine to her day. In essence, it all started with an isolated senior wanting some vanilla ice cream.

Be willing to take a risk. Get Crafty. When you meet a senior you like, take the initiative and kick-start a conversation. There are seniors everywhere that can use your help and many organizations that need your help, just waiting to connect you to your perfect senior friend. Lend a helping hand in your own neighborhood this new year— hospitals, churches, homeless shelters, senior living facilities, ahemmm… the DuPage Senior Citizens Council are all waiting for you. It takes an entire village to help care for our senior population so let’s make volunteering a habit for 2019 onwards.

Each volunteer’s story is unique, what is the story you are going to create?

Consider Volunteering With Us

If you are interested in making a difference in the life of a senior, please click the link below to learn more about our Friendly Visit and Assistance program. We guarantee that you will get as much satisfaction and joy out of serving our seniors and they do.


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