It Is Never Too Late For Love

We grow up, get married, have children, and grow old together – still holding hands decades later on double rocking chairs as we ride off into the sunset — how romantic!

You see, when you look around people are usually sharing examples of ideal relationships, not what they really look like. Whether its culture, comparisons, or your own internal expectations, there can often be a gap between your ideal love life and your actual one. For many, our dreams for the future aren’t anchored in the way we envisioned and this is okay. The pains of loneliness are an unembarrassing reality and offer us the insight into why love and connection matters so much.

Dating as we know it, is intimidating at every age (but oh so exciting!) and many older adults will find themselves suddenly single in retirement due to divorce or being widowed. According to the U.S. Census data, there are 19.5 million unmarried U.S. residents age 65 and older in 2016. With so many people unattached later in life, it only seems fitting to get back in the game. Dating in our later years can give us a little pep in our step and can be just as picturesque or even better than our early ones. I’m sure many older adults have noticed that traditional dating rituals have changed. However, the core ingredients of a real emotional, mental, spiritual, and loving connection between two people are the same.

If you want to pursue romance and find the perfect partner, regardless of age, here are some suggestions to help assist you on your new love adventure.

Where Do Senior Singles Meet?

So, if you want to meet new people, you must stretch yourself with some new activities. Let’s start with a less conventional meeting method for older adults—dating sites!

Don’t be intimidated by the endless options on the internet. This is where you can find a pool of eligible, motivated singles that share your same hobbies. Online dating can be great fun meeting new people but as with any online activity, be cautious and never reveal unnecessary personal details.

As for a few old school options, community church soup kitchens are a hot commodity where you can find both men and women interested in cooking. Neighborhood grocery stores, the golf range, library craft events, wine and painting parties and gardening clubs at senior living communities and exercise swimming classes are just to name a few other places.

DSCC offers an ongoing Health & Wellness program where you can meet other singles. Come learn more about fall prevention and who knows who may show up at the next Matter of Balance seminar.

When you hang out with people informally and get to know them over group lunches, there is less pressure to become friendly. DSCC offers 8 dining centers throughout DuPage County and 1 in Kane County where seniors gather to share a meal, companionship, and shared activities. If you’re looking for someone who likes to be social, it makes sense to go to a place where social people go.

Amenities at our Glendale Heights Center for example include a cozy library, game room equipped with billiards/ping-pong table, board games and cards, an arts and crafts room with sewing machines, state-of-art life fitness equipment and even a hair/nail salon. Who doesn’t love a well-groomed man or woman with perfectly trimmed cuticles?

Dancing is not only fun, but is also a super fun way for seniors to socialize and squeeze in some exercise. Many studies have shown that dancing improves strength and can increase balance and flexibility. So sign me up for the jitterbug club!

Better yet, DSCC is doing it again this year.  We will be hosting 4 senior dance parties set to kick off on March 28th along with 2 new dance parties in Kane County. With over 700 attendees, you will definitely meet someone new – and who may have a move or two.

It’s such a great opportunity to mingle and no longer be single– Stay tuned for details!

Single. Married. Widowed.

We are all built for companionship, finding enjoyment in others, and making lasting memories. We are simply not designed to flourish in solitude. So don’t get stuck in a routine of the same eggs Benny every day. Never settle at any age, paint your walls energizing coral, misty blue, or optimistic yellow. While there is nothing wrong with leading a safe routine, why not discover what else might be speaking to you? Older adults deserve autonomy on their life journey—the opportunity to learn, live, laugh, and love whenever, and with whomever. It all starts with a HELLO.

Please make sure to check our events and activities calendar for more information on upcoming events.

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