Have You Kept Your New Year’s Resolutions?

About 30 days ago, all us of started a new year and many of us made resolutions to better ourselves. We may have made resolutions to be healthier, save money, or become a better person.

Well now that January is over, we may be finding ourselves starting to lose sight of the goals we had set for ourselves just last month. We tend to give excuses like it is too cold or I just don’t have the time. And before we know it is June and the year is half over. By then, we just put off our resolution until next year!

Was Your Resolution To Volunteer?

When we start off making the resolution of volunteering, we are not just looking to better ourselves in the upcoming year, but we are looking to better the lives of other people too. There are thousands of seniors out there who are left vulnerable that could use the interaction from a volunteer. But we have a solution. Whether it be through our home delivered meal service or through our Friendly Visits & Assistance service, our volunteers can help our seniors.

Home bound seniors tend to live in isolation with no one to turn to for comfort or peace of mind. All too often, we hear the concerns of seniors that have no one to look after them in their later stage of life. Many seniors we serve live in the homes they raised their families in and now are left alone with only the memories of their loved ones.

When our volunteers and staff hear these stories, we cannot help but want to spring into action to ensure their happiness. As an organization we rely on our volunteers to be more than just a helper but to be a shoulder to lean on. Every year new friendships blossom between volunteers and seniors, which makes all the hard work even more rewarding. The excitement we feel when we hear a volunteer talk about their new best friend makes us smile, seeing the pure joy on their face is priceless. There is nothing that could make us prouder then walking into a distribution point and witnessing the bustling volunteers sharing stories of their favorite seniors.

Revive Your Resolution To Volunteer 

This year when you feel your resolution to volunteer slipping away and starting to take a back seat, just remember there are seniors in our community who need your help. Let DSCC help you keep your resolution of volunteering going strong by becoming part or our organization and DSCC family. Our seniors are waiting for you.

Consider Volunteering With Us

If you’d like to learn more about all the various ways that you can enrich the life of a senior AND keep to your new year’s resolution of giving back and volunteering, we’d love to meet you. From delivering meals to greeting people at community events to other areas within DSCC, we can always use a friendly face, warm smile and helping hands.

For more information on the many ways you can volunteer with DSCC, please visit our Volunteer Page.

Volunteer With DSCC

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