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Volunteering says a lot about who you are. Our volunteers are helpful, patient and compassionate. If you are not already a DSCC volunteer, today’s a good day to sign up.

Did You Know?
For some of our participants, the volunteer who delivers their meal is the only person that senior will see all day.

  • Become a Volunteer

    Volunteering can change your life, and will undoubtedly change the lives of others. Whether you can give five hours a week or five hours a year, the time you give will be more than worth your while. Don’t hesitate – become a volunteer today!

    Meal Drivers needed to deliver fresh nutritious meals to homebound seniors. Meals are available for pickup Monday – Friday between 10:30 am – 12:00 pm. Routes only take about 1 hour and directions are provided.

    Kitchen Assistants needed to sort food in preparation for pickup by the Meal Drivers and serve lunch to diners. Meals are packaged Monday – Friday between 8:30 am – 10:30 am and lunch is typically served at 11:30.

    Home Maintenance Volunteers (Chore Days) are needed the first three weekends in May and November to help seniors clean up their yards.

    Office Assistants are sometimes needed for rush or special projects.

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  • Volunteer News

    The DuPage Senior Citizens Council (DSCC) is pleased to announce the implementation of enhancements to our Home Delivered Meals (“Meals on Wheels”) volunteer delivery program. 

    These improvements have been made possible through a grant recently awarded to our agency and will allow us to provide a higher level of service to the senior citizens we serve. 

    Important upgrades are:
    1. Volunteer Photo Identification Badges
    All volunteers will receive Photo ID Badges which will reassure seniors that those who visit their homes are indeed authorized DSCC representatives.  This verification will add a level of security to our service delivery process. 
    2. Updated Driver’s License and Insurance Records
    When new ID badges are issued, DSCC staff members will take copies of each volunteer’s driver’s license and insurance card to ensure our office files are current.
    3. Well-Being Check Training
    4. Background Check
    DSCC has formalized the Well-Being Check process that volunteers have been performing each day as they deliver meals.  DSCC staff will provide a short presentation about our updated Well-Being Check policy and procedures and be available to answer questions regarding what to do for a senior that appears to be in distress. 

    Volunteers are the backbone of DSCC and we want to provide you with all the tools you need for assisting our organization and the elderly.  Together we can further our shared mission of enabling seniors to live their life with dignity. 


  • Honor Roll

    In Bloomingdale…
    Ken Akert
    drives a route every Thursday.  When that route needed drivers extra days due to volunteer cancellations, Ken took on two extra days each week to cover.  How nice! Ken's help was much appreciated when we had 4 open routes in one day.  He even arrived at our site within 15 minutes after we called him to drive!
    Chris Clouthier is so caring and kind.  During his own time, he visited a married couple who are clients on his route and made friends with them.  He and his wife are even getting them a new bed mattress since they complained of back pain from their sagging mattress.

    Sophie Schultz has been a reliable and dedicated helper in the kitchen for years is very knowledgeable and courteous to others.  She does not drive, so she takes the Pace bus here and home three days a week.  We are lucky to have her! Sophie has been a very dependable volunteer for 12 years.  With her understanding of how our program works, she is a leader and helps others understand menu items and routes.  She packs up all the food in the kitchen 3 days a week and is always positive and pleasant to work with.
    Georgia Haab has only been an active volunteer for a short time but has taken on additional routes and is willing to do any route given to her.  She still came in and drove two routes when her car was in the shop!
    Peg Rider is a dependable driver for DSCC 4 days a week.  Her route has grown but she never complains, and she wouldn’t even let us remove some stops that were out of the way.  Her clients love her, and so do we!

    Myron Wilson is extremely busy but finds the time to deliver meals.  He cares about the seniors and always has a smile on his face and is very pleasant.  We are happy to have him at our site!

    Guy Bush has continued driving for us while Gene is recovering, and he always wears a smile.  We miss Gene and hope she returns soon!

    Rex Barrett has been an absolutely delightful volunteer for approximately 13 years and volunteers on Mondays!  He really cares about his clients and has taken extra routes when we need him. He is an interesting person who has traveled world-wide, and he is always cheerful and happy.  On several occasions, he has taken extra food out to accommodate our seniors.

    Betty and Larry Healy have been volunteering for DSCC at least 8 years.  They are very nice and responsible, and even took out extra food to help when a route was open.

    Violet Ferguson has been volunteering about 8 years for DSCC.  She is very active at the Center and is always a helping hand.  She makes coffee every day, cuts up pastries, and packs up food in the kitchen.  She runs a gift shop and raises money for senior field trips, as well as calling Bingo.  She has been a joy to have at the Center and as a DSCC volunteer!

    Carol & James Flannigan are regulars on Tuesdays delivering route 2, They are a fun to have at our site, knowledgeable to the DSCC procedures and willing without hesitation.  When we needed an extra stop made, their response was of course!

    Doris Grudzien has been volunteering for 7 years with DSCC.  After her regularly scheduled dance and exercise classes she delivers meals on wheels for DSCC. When an opening for two additional routes opened one day, Doris graciously volunteered to make those deliveries too!

    Peggy Scherman delivers meals every Tuesday, regardless of how busy her personal schedule is she makes every effort to meet the seniors needs with care, enthusiasm and lots of love!

    Karen Petrus is dedicated to our seniors.  She shows her passion teaching seniors in her knitting class.  She displays her dedication by checking in everyday to be sure we have drivers for all our routes.  Knowledgeable as she is in all our routes as a substitute driver, she often provides tips to us for shortcuts!

    Patrick Hoesel has been a volunteer since 2008.  Although his mobility is limited his enthusiasm isn’t.  He and his companion deliver route 5 every Thursday and return with the cooler bags. He is truly a valuable volunteer, with a smile and great intentions for helping the seniors he believes may need attention.

    Arthur Gorr is a senior himself and goes the extra mile to make everyone on his route smile and feel special.  He is so good hearted that he’ll pick up day old bagels from Panera for our staff to enjoy.  He keeps our spirits up with his funny humor, we just love him along with the people he serves on his route.

    Nick Campagna is a delight and we’d like to have more people like him.  He is easy going & generous with his time.  His Friday route 4 is challenging when it’s before a holiday with double the meal deliveries for Friday & Monday.  He takes it in stride saying “someone has to do it, might as well be me”!

    Barbara Peterson is so pleasant and accommodating, when I was alone at the center and had two extra routes to deliver she not only covered her route she pitched in knowing I couldn’t handle the rest by myself.  She’s always willing to help out!

    Bill Hayes has been volunteering a short time for DSCC. He covers route 1 twice a week.  He has a great attitude and a wonderful personality.  He keeps his eye on the health and well being of the seniors on his route.  We have a great volunteer as well as a friend!

    Joseph H. Jean has been a volunteer for DSCC Meals on Wheels program since 2009.  He also helps in the kitchen four days a week bringing his smile & enthusiasm.  He also maintains the “milk FIFO rule”, first in first out!  We are fortunate to have him at our center, he’s truly valued here.

    Harriet Kunesh has been a volunteer for several years.  She drives route 7 on Thursdays and every other Friday.  Although she is busy with her family and attends school she is willing to take extra meals for delivery when needed.  She is a kind, caring person who looks out for our seniors.

    Tracy Gowen is very involved with the “Girls Scouts of America”.  However, she remains committed to volunteer every Tuesday on route 3.  One Tuesday when a route opened needing delivery she kindly took the extra meals for delivery.

    In Glendale Heights…
    Mike Kosuth
    delivers three days a week for Glendale Heights, one day for Bloomingdale, and often takes a second route.  This past winter, Mike was in a car accident which thankfully didn’t injure him too seriously but totaled his car.  True to his character, he showed up with a rental car and didn’t miss a day!
    Elaine Anderson volunteers in our kitchen every Friday and has quite a culinary flair!  She does a great job at plating our deli buffet, and her specialty is the Southwest Wrap.  Several diners have commented on her appetizing preparation.
    We are very fortunate to have Vickie Vendl helping out however we need her in the kitchen two days per week.  Our favorite quality of hers is her easy-going and pleasant attitude, which makes the seniors smile as they come through our lunch line.  Not one goes by without her telling them to enjoy their lunch!  
    In Bensenville…
    For 3 continuous weeks, Francis Wenig who usually delivers the longest route 2 days per week came in an extra day doing the same route in winter time.  He has been a great help since we have been running short of drivers.

    During a recent power outage, Myrtle Cross really went the extra mile delivering food to people in Castle Tower.  She climbed the stairs to the 6th floor, and when she came back she went through the building delivering food to others in need.

    Kelly Guerra is a newer volunteer who is a major benefit to our program.  She is willing to come as many days of the week as we need her if available.  During the summer her 3 children accompany her, and they report to us on how each senior was doing.  So fun!

    Mary McDermott delivers meals on Wednesdays and has extended herself to do another day if needed.  She does it all with a smile while her granddaughter keeps her company!

    Cindy Reedy is very dedicated and displays sincere interest in her seniors.  During her route she found a senior fearful and weeping because her phone wasn’t working.  Cindy arranged for the phone to be repaired and waited until the daughter arrived.  In addition Cindy made an appointment with home health care to make a visit for that day.

    In Roselle (MAFS)…
    Bhailal Patel was a great help cleaning tables and putting things away.  He arrived on time and left only after the seniors did.

    In Naperville (MAFS)…
    is always helpful, but we especially appreciated her staying late to clean up and put things away when the site managers needed to leave for a meeting.

    In Naperville...
    Thumbs up to these volunteers who kept the kitchen running smoothly while the site manager drove delivery routes during a challenging month:  Jeannine Jecha, David Mounce, Emily Grenier, Hank Verbommen, and Jack Cobb.

    In Lombard...
    Nancy Masterson demonstrated incredible care for one of our recipients who had an infected finger.  She set up a doctor’s appointment for the senior and took her to it, then waited and drove her to the pharmacy as well.  Nancy also made the arrangements for the senior to see a specialist the following week.

    Roger Groenboom is a very reliable volunteer who drives the Elmhurst route.  He has been very helpful by driving another day this summer when that route opened.  We appreciate his extra time and effort over the past few months.

    Stan & Catherine Janusz are a wonderful couple.  They not only volunteer at our site, but also for Pads several days a week.  They are so accommodating that they’ve re-scheduled their personal appointments so they can drive for us.  Always cheerful and upbeat when they arrive, I’m sure the seniors they visit are left feeling the same.

    Richard Marks is a relatively new driver who takes his volunteer work seriously and shows a sincere concern for our seniors.  He has offered to sub whenever he is needed and will change his work schedule if given a days notice.  He has been a great addition to our volunteer staff.

    Steve Unseth went above and beyond on his Thursday route this month.  There was a senior visible through the window but couldn’t be awakened.  It was apparent the senior was having trouble breathing and Steve summoned a neighbor who had a key.  Steve called the son and waited until he and 911 arrived.  The senior is fine!  Great job!

    In Lisle...
    Deborah Wirth taught her sons Ryan & Alex what it really means to step up as a volunteer.  One Tuesday when the site manager explained one of her kitchen volunteers had to be rushed to the hospital, Deborah and her boys took over the kitchen, packaging all the components to create meals for delivery, they followed all the food handling procedures.  The boys got a kick out of the “overseas caps” rather than hairnets!  In addition they covered their delivery route as well.  Angels in disguise! 

    Byron Krause agreed to deliver an extra route at the last minute.  Now each Monday he comes in for his regular route he asks if he’s delivering one or two routes.  Then sometimes he responds is that all???  We like his humor . . . however, be careful what you ask for we just might surprise you!

    Larry Berg we owe you a big Thank You . . . when the delivery you made to one client went unanswered you returned to the site with their meals in hand.  You said you’d return if we called & someone answered.  Well we called they answered and Larry returned with their meals – from the East to West then back again, true dedication!

    In Wheaton...
    Dale Williams
    shared how he became a volunteer with us.  His Grandmother was receiving Meals on Wheels in Glenview when he moved to Naperville.  An ad in the newspaper said volunteer drivers needed. He decided since someone did it for her he’d become a driver too. He said Meals on Wheels allowed her to stay at home and he was grateful to give his time for someone else. 

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