About DSCC

The DuPage Senior Citizens Council (DSCC) is a not-for-profit 501(c)(3), volunteer driven organization.  Since 1975, DSCC has been providing a variety of programs and services to help seniors live safely in their homes and provide them the opportunity to maintain their well being. 

As a proud member of the Meals on Wheels Association of America, DSCC is the Meals on Wheels provider for all of DuPage County.

Our Mission
The DuPage Senior Citizens Council initiates, delivers, monitors, and coordinates services that promote the ability of older persons to live their lives in dignity.

  • Board President
     Terry Klein

     Vice President
    Sharon Jordan

    Vice President &Treasurer
    Karen McClure

    Vice President & Secretary
     Cynthia Schmidt

    Board Members
    Michael Micek
    Aubrey Van Reken

    Emeritus Member
    Eileen R. Fitzgerald

  •  Executive Director

    Marylin Krolak


    Libni Borras, Nutrition Program Director

    Kristin Leicht, RD LDN, Health & Wellness Program

    Cathy Jordan, Volunteer Program Director

    Ralph King, Home Maintenance Program Manager

    Marge Dunning, Community Services Coordinator

    Alissa Leoni, Client Enrollment Specialist & Customer Service Coordinator

    Peg Schroll, Nutrition Office Coordinator


    Lori Soldat, C.P.A., Desmond & Ahern, Ltd.

    Terry Termini, Finance Director

    Tasha Samuels, Information Services Director

    Sandy Groener, Graphic Arts/Special Projects

    Donna Atkinson, Administrative Support

    Nicole Washington, Administrative Support

    Michael Cirone, File Clerk

  • Diana Aguirre

    Heber Borras

    Tracy Bowers

    Rosemary "Bunny" Clark

    Lisa Compton

    Marsha Essenmacher

    Ruth Johnson

    Musarrat “Moneek” Khan

    Shelly Mayer

    Marvel Mayfield

    Lynne Mazzone

    Patty Muller

    Ann O'Grady

    Frank Pandola

    Cheryl Perkins

    Kathy Perkins

    Terry Price

    Sushila Ray

    Sue Rendall

    Steve Roberts

    Lynda Russell

    Linda Strickland